Academy for Integrated and Sustainable Development

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The Academy will promote peace, harmony and cooperation in society by catering for the physical, mental, social and spiritual development of all individuals indistinctively.


An equitably prosperous, creative and innovative, values-based healthy society with a strong spiritual foundation.

Our Model: the inside-out approach

Spiritual awareness, that is, identification of the self and fellow humans as conscious beings of common innate goodness, is the key that unlocks the various barriers to mutual understanding, trust and cooperation.

The resultant attitude of universal brotherhood is a sine qua none condition for positive intra- and inter-generational connectedness which is the foundation itself of sustainable development. Our inside-out approach considers spiritual development to be atthe core of sustainability, the nucleus that energises and sustains the 5Es: Energy,

Environment, Economy, Education and Equity. The integration of this inner dimension in the model, places the individual at the centre of sustainable development. This humanistic approach uplifts human consciousness, promotes far-sightedness, creativity, respect, cooperation, and thus provides the mindset necessary for sustainable well-being.

The Objectives of the Academy are to impart value-based education to promote:

  • Peace and harmony in our multi-racial society
  • Environment- friendly lifestyle
  • Healthy lifestyle to prevent non-communicable diseases
  • Meditation for relaxation and stress-free living

Our Resource Persons

Communication Consultant

Human Resource Consultant

Therapeutic Counsellor

Stress Consultant


Nutritional Therapist

Art Therapist


Educators / Lecturers

Chartered Accountant


IT Specialist

Qualified Librarian

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